About Us Page

Sai Kung Cafe serves authentic delicious Chinese roast duck, crispy pork and noodle café. Enjoy our Dim Sum Chef’s freshly prepared classics such as Siu Mai, Har Kau Prawn Dumplings, Siu Bao, Runny Salted Egg Yolk Bun or our own sophisticated creations like new “Prawn and Crab Dumpling” with fresh beetroot flavoured wrapper!

Refreshing Bubble Milk and Fruit Tea, Frappe and other speciality Oriental drinks available. Also, available at Park St and Exeter – Exclusive Award Winning Yee Kwan Ice Cream.

If you would like some help choosing what to have, or to place an order, we’d love to hear from you – please call us.

BRISTOL – Little Chinatown Bristol (takeaway only)
Sai Kung Cafe, Ground Floor Little Chinatown Nelson Street, BS1 2BJ
Telephone: 07901 888882

BRISTOL – Park Street (temporary closed – please call Nelson St)
Sai Kung Cafe, 54 Park Street, BS1 5JN
Telephone: 07564 493339

EXETER – (takeaway only)
Sai Kung Cafe, 1C Summerland Street, Exeter, EX1 2AT
Telephone: 07858 506989

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